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Re: greetings to the Sinclair list

Welcome to the Sinclair list and I know that you will enjoy the human
connection with a group of fine minds from around the world with good hearts
and fine heiritage.

Your message was a bit unusual in that you have identified a specific
heritage that is the topic of on going research by some of us that come from
the same roots.

Argyll Sinclairs are a unique bunch with a distinct history. One of the
interesting aspects is that the family in Argyll before about 1710 was known
as McNokaird and then for reasons not known became Sinclair when the Parish
Kirks and baptism became more wide spread. It has been my conjecture that
while not all the Sinclairs in Argyll were related, in fact many of them
were. It has led to some of the clan going back to capture such genealogy as
exists in cemetaries and parish rolls. The absence of records and overlap of
names makes this quite confusing.

Now one of the underpinnings is simply the traditional use of names passed
down from generation to generation. Angus is one that existed in my argyll
tree circa 1740 ish and harkens to the names used all over the county,
Donalds, Duncans, Neils, Peters and Johns to highlight a few. Put the Peter
you reference was one of the Premier Sinclair registrants which I recall was
before 1750. It is the location of the first recorded Sinclairs in so far as
we are aware in Argyll.

Since then you have another interesting aspect in that your family remained
in Scotland until fairly recently and this could be of interest to others.
Where in Argyll did they migrate from? Curious that is all.

I look forward to meeting you this summer and raising a toast.

Neil Sinclair
Toronto ON/ PEI 1760/ Argyll (Kilmodon) 17??

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