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Re: A not-important question

Timberly, Great to hear from you I think I have saved your off line info but 
I don't know where I have put it, please send again soon as we are moving 
much sooner than anticipated.  The trucks arrive here on July 16 to pack us 
up and we will drive to Christiansburg to my Mama's home and stay there while 
house hunting in Blacksburg.  We have to drive because our English Cocker is 
an old lady and after hearing stories for years from an airline friend I 
wouldn't put any animal in  the baggage area of an airplane anyway.  Isn't it 
grand that the sense of humor that seems to run through this line hits all, 
or most, of us.  It is a great legacy to be able to laugh at one's self.  
Hope I haven't crossed the line with a personal message but to make it legit 
I would like to invite any of our relatives to get in touch with me when we 
hit Virginia and we'll have a party.  I need to find out how to store 
messages as I will be off line for a while after we leave.  I will miss my 
daily dose of Sinclair/StClair/Sinkler/etc. news but hope to catch up soon.  
Best to everyone, Charlotte Gellis.  By the way we are still hoping to find 
James Meador StClair or more than likely where he is buried and if he left 
any family behind.
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