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Re: A not-important question

At 18:15 27/06/01 +0800, you wrote:
>At 22:07 26/06/2001 EDT, you wrote:
> >
> >Does it really matter whether we are Sins or Saints?
>Anyhow - that's not all there is - ask Niven how many variations
>of spelling he has recorded.

There are 47 renditions of the tune St Clair ranging from the Latin Sancto 
to the German von Zinclair; from de Sancto Cleer to de Sco Clero; from Sonncler
to Seint Clere; from Syncklar to Chantclere; from Zinchler to Shingler. 
etc. etc.

>Ian Newman
>Perth, Western Australia
>(and you can't get much farther South than that!)

Point Sinclair in Australia is further South than you are!!!


>     (-:

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