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Re: To Angus Sinclair -- my relative

Dear Angus,  I believe we are cousins.

My gf is John Sinclair, was born June 24, 1836,  in St Andrews East, 
Quebec.  His father, Duncan, was born in Glassary, Argyll,  28 Jan 1798. 
His father Donald Sinclair, b. about 1765.
I don't have the information past Donald.  Do you have the connection back 
to Peter?

I could exchange my info with you.  I have a photo taken at Duncan's 
funeral in 1883 with the whole family.

My Mother is Myra Jean Sinclair Kendrick, Dau. of John Sinclair

Myra Kendrick Perala
Portland, Or

At 09:26 PM 6/26/01 -0400, you wrote:
>My name is Angus Sinclair and I'm a member of the Clan Sinclair Association
>(Canada). Glad was I to discover this list this afternoon!
>My great-great-great-great-grandfather was a Peter Sinclair, who worked on
>the estates of  the Duke of Argyll about 1750 (ergo, I'm descended from the
>Argyll lineage). Four of Peter's grandchildren emigrated to Canada (St
>Andrew's East, Quebec) in 1817 and they subsequently moved again, in 1841,
>to Little Falls, Ontario (later St Mary's, about 10 miles from Stratford).
>The four families bought farmland in Blanshard Township and, until
>recently, one of my cousins was still on my Great-great-grandfather's farm.

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