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First Crusade

25 June 1096 - 1st Crusaders warm up for the Holy Land butchering of Muslims
by slaughtering the Jews in Werelinghofen Germany. In the first 700 years of
Christendom, Jews in Europe were rarely placed in direct danger. in 1095,
when Pope Urban II at  Council of Clermont, in France called a crusade to
clear Jerusalem  of the Muslims, the situation changed.

On their way to Jerusalem, the crusaders leave behind  death and destruction
among Europe's Jews 'why should we attack the unbelievers in the Holy Land,
and leave the infidels in our midst undisturbed ?'

With the crusades, the status of the Jews as second class citizens becomes
entrenched in Church dogma and state laws throughout Christian Europe. A
period of oppression and insecurity ends only in the 18th century or did it?

The eldest son of William the Conqueror, Robert of Normandy, had to pledge
Normandy to his brother, William Rufus, king of England, in order to raise
the necessary funds to join the Crusade. Robert was certainly nothing if not
a courageous fighter. After all, he had challenged and fought his fearsome
father in a pitched battle. Tavelling with Robert was his brother-in-law,
Stephen of Blois, married to William's daughter, Adela, who convinced him to
take the cross, though he apparently had no desire to do so. With the Norman
contingent also
went Robert II, Count of Flanders, who had a genuine desire, instilled by
his father, to fight against the infidel. The army that accompanied these
leaders included French, Normans and   Englishmen.

The Christian charity of this crusade signifies, among other kind acts,  the
beginning of the Knights Templar.

If Christ were on earth today he would attend a synagogue to pray. Guess we
forgot that part.

As Brath

Urban II's Call

 Council of Clermont, France 27 November 1095
For you must hasten to carry aid to your brethren dwelling in the East, who
need your help for which they have oftern entreated. For the Turks, a
Persian people, have attacked them, as many of you already
know, and have advanced as far into Roman territory as that part of the
Mediterranean which is called the Arm of Saint George. They have seized more
and more of the lands of the Christians, have already defeated them
in seven times as many battles, killed or captured many people, have
destroyed churches, and have devastated the kingdom of God. If you allow
them to continue much longer they will conquer God's faithful people much
more extensively.

Wherefore with earnest prayer I, not I, but God exhorts you as heralds of
Christ to repeatedly urge men of all ranks whatsoever, knights as well as
foot-soldiers, rich and poor, to hasten to exterminate this vile race from
our lands and to aid    the Christian inhabitants in time.

I address those present; I proclaim it to those absent; moreover Christ
commands it.For all those going thither there will be remission of sins if
they come to the end of this fettered life while marching by land, crossing
by sea or in fighting the pagans. This I grant to all who go, through the
power vested in me by God.
Oh what a disgrace if a race so despicable, degenerate, and enslaved by
demons should thus overcome a people endowed with faith in Almighty God and
resplendent in the name of Christ! Oh what reproaches will be charged
against you by the Lord Himself if you have not helped those who are counted
like yourselves of the      Christian faith! Let those...who are accustomed
to wantonly wage private war against the faithful march upon the infidels in
a war which should be begun now and be finished in  victory. Let those who
have long been robbers now be soldiers of Christ. Let those who once fought
against brothers and relatives now
rightfully fight against the barbarians. Let those who have been hirelings
for a few pieces of silver
now attain an eternal reward. Let those who have been exhausting themselves
to the detriment of body and soul now labor for a double glory. Yea on the
one hand will be the sad and the poor, on the other the joyous and the
wealthy; here the enemies    of the Lord, there His friends. Let nothing
delay those who are going to go. Let them settle their affairs, collect
money, and when winter has ended and spring has come, zealously
undertake  the journey under the guidance of the Lord.
                    Fulcher of Chartres
    A History of the Expedition to Jerusalem: 1095-1127,
                    Book I, Chapter III
            translation: Frances Rita Ryan, 1969

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