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Re: First Crusade

on 6/26/01 1:05 AM, labehotierre at labehotierre@wanadoo.fr wrote:

> 25 June 1096 - 1st Crusaders warm up for the Holy Land butchering of Muslims
> by slaughtering the Jews in Werelinghofen Germany. In the first 700 years of
> Christendom, Jews in Europe were rarely placed in direct danger. in 1095,
> when Pope Urban II at  Council of Clermont, in France called a crusade to
> clear Jerusalem  of the Muslims, the situation changed.
> On their way to Jerusalem, the crusaders leave behind  death and destruction
> among Europe's Jews 'why should we attack the unbelievers in the Holy Land,
> and leave the infidels in our midst undisturbed ?'
> With the crusades, the status of the Jews as second class citizens becomes
> entrenched in Church dogma and state laws throughout Christian Europe. A

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You are so right! Thanks

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