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Re: History-Pirates-Privateers-Jamacia

At 09:55 26/06/01 -0700, you wrote:
>One of Lanciano's books, Laurel?  That's my
>great-great-great-not sure how many
>greats-grandfather.  Lived at Lands' End in Gloucester
>County, VA.  Spooky place - Lanciano says he haunts
>it.  I saw it in '78 at a big family reunion.  More
>than 400 of us there.  We had a wonderful time.  Heard
>so many stories about wicked old John!

King Eric of Norway, Denmark and Sweden became a pirate.
He got tired of trying to control his unruly barons so took to
the sea to do a bit of private plundering.

Sometimes, freedom can only be found on the open sea.

Great to see you back on the web, Penny.  I think of you every
day as I add Tony's seasoning to everything I eat.  Great stuff.
Real piquancy.  It's good for the taste buds.


>--- Spirit One Email <laurel@spiritone.com> wrote:
> > This is a coincidence concerning the privateers.  I
> > am just now reading a
> > book about Capt. John Sinclair a privateer in and
> > after the Rev. War.
> > Interesting how he is moving towards being a pirate.
> > Laurel
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