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Re: History-Pirates-Privateers-Jamacia

Yo Ho, Ho and a bottle of rum

Maclay in his history of American Privateer's" makes special mention of the
capture of the "Robin", "Neptune" and "Bacchus" by Sinclair. In 1814 the
Revenge ran ashore and burnt a British vessel and was soon after captured by
the enemy.
A report put together by Lieutenant Emmon's states "a Captain Sinclair and
Co, commanding the brig Portsmouth, captured 1 ship, 5 Brigs, 2 schooners
and 1 sloop. He burnt one, ransomed two and made cartels of two.

It may be of interest that among the papers I received from the US naval
records was a copy of a letter written in the hand of Eliza Blunt,
Granddaughter of the infamous Pirate Captain Blunt. written in march 1900
addressed to the Navy department, Concerning Privateer's John Sinclair. She
is making inquiries of Sinclair after reading through Blunts journal which
states his pirate activities while in command of the ship "Revenge" She
notes that "his Fathers name was among the French Appoliations Claimants, in
the connection". She states that "Sinclair was a victim in most aggravating

In another letter to the department she has this to say

" Tradition says that Captain Sinclair's sword was returned to him by his
captain, who seemed impressed by his bravery. He was also treated with
consideration during his captivity. And upon return to his family was the
bearer of presents to them from the Government. Though as records show, he
was quickly in arms again. If Mr Blunts report of his Nicaraguan
reconnaissance in 1824-25 would carry any authority, I will readily send it
to Admiral Walker as you suggested."


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> This is a coincidence concerning the privateers.  I am just now reading a
> book about Capt. John Sinclair a privateer in and after the Rev. War.
> Interesting how he is moving towards being a pirate.
> Laurel

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