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 The various history pages published by some clan and people , with all
their speculation about the deeds of our ancestors have made me think.
Truth, naked, unblushing truth, is the first virtue of all serious history,
must be the sole recommendation of our narrative. We have family stories and
real history to tell of Sinclair, Pirate adventure, more reacent and
exciting than quasi histrocal 1000 year old speculations. Under letter of
Marque and Reprisal from no less than five different government our scurvy
Sinclair buccaneers and privateers plagued the Spanish Main. One notable
Sinclair spread the Sinclair blood all over the Carribean sea, from New
Orleans to St Clair, Trinidad. One Sinclair privateer leaving 2 legitimate
and no less than 42 illegitimate children.  Bastardy is an old Sinclair
trait 'What is born in the bone cannot not be driven from the blood'(Niven
Sinclair) Our family looks like a Christmass tree with the colour of it's

The infamous Sinclair Inn in Port Royal, Jamaica, the wickedest port,
governed by the Welsh Buccaneer Henry Morgan, glows with conspiracy and
intrigue. The kilted ghostly figure of old Yellow stockings, a Sinclair,
still haunts the Carribean sea.

'A Gleam come into the Sinclair eye
He spied him an English Clipper
She looked the perfect shape and size
Let's all aboard and strip her.
Her hole was as hot as St Elmo's fire
but it was filled with Spanish treasure
we took all that we could desire
Then we took some more for pleasure'


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