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Pillarguri Festival 2001 in Norway

 This year's festival commemorating the 1612 Battle in Norway at which
Colonel George Sinclair of Stirkoke fell, along with other Caithness men and
soldiers from the south of Scotland, will be held from Thursday 23rd to
Sunday 26th August.  The outline programme is as follows:

 Thursday 23rd August:
                Film for the children at the Otta Kulturhus.
                Whisky seminar at the Norlandia Otta Hotell by Chris Maile
Friday 24th August:
                Puppet Show at Otta Kulturhus
                "Jentespranget" - Rondane Spa.  (Moutain Walk for women)
                Traditional Culture Evening: " The Sinclair Play",
                Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band, Otta Musikkforening,
Smiubelgen -choir,
                Pillarguri Prize to be given to Trine Hattestad, Norway's
                Olympic Gold Javelin thrower.
                "Byfest"  in Otta.   Music at the restaurants, pubs, hotel
in the evening.
Saturday 25th August:
                Sinclair March.
                Childrens' Street-race in Otta .
                Children's theatre, plays for the children - with Trine
                Trampoline-show with Chris Maile.
                "Byfest" in Otta - music at the restaurants, pubs, hotel.
Sunday 26th August:
                Family walk to an old place "Hamn".

It will be quite a weekend in Norway as the Crown Prince's wedding also
takes place then.  Annabel, Sarah and I will be there, as for the last two
years, but the great news is that the Clan will be lead this year by our
Chief, The Earl of Caithness and Niven is trying to see if he can fit this
around his other commitments.  So if you are free at the end of August, try
to be there!

Please see our website for further details, or contact me.

Yours aye


Member of Pillarguri Committee


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