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Re: Sinclair's at war

I received a letter from the defence department for Canada last week and the
secretary said that the Honourable Art Eggleton is interested and will
respond to my request soon. I do how ever have a listing of fallen Canadians
which is on the net. Most records can be accessed this way but not for the
enlisted as well. This is why I am asking for help from the defence
departments. I would like to get all servicemen, not just the fallen. Even
though there are many searchable records available, I thought it would be
nice to gather them all together and make it a bit more personal by adding
soldiers stories and tales too. So far I have Australian, Canadian, Indian,
South African, some UK, New Zealand, French and odd entries from US. I am
hoping to have a reply back soon from the US defence department for World
war soldiers. US records are not as easy to get as the others. Is there
searchable sites somewhere for the US Military other than the civil war?
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> Will it include any Canadians?
> Will it only include the ones that have fallen or will it include all who
> were in the military?
> Has anyone done extensive index of all SINCLAIR/ST. CLAIR in the military
> (in the different countries)?
> Rexdale, Ontario

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