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Sinclair's at war

Dear Sinclair's,

I have been busy on a Sinclair project, gathering names of all Sinclair's
globaly who fell in war conflicts. I have had wonderful responses from world
wide Defence departments and it seems that this project is going to be
bigger than Superman himself. It is my hope to have a book published and
present a book to the Mayor of St Clair sur Epte. It would rest, leather
bound and proudly in the St Clair Church, Normandy as a rememberance to our
honored Sinclair kin.

I have gathered some very exciting information while searching through
records. In the coloured American regimants during the civil 1800's war, we
have 9 Negro or mixed race Sinclair men. One of whom is listed as a slave.

I have also found one of Neopleans soliders who received the medal of St
Helen's in France in 1857
here are his details. I hope to send for his service dosier.

prenom: Auguste François
annee_de_naissance: 23/8/1787
commune_de_residence: Lyon 2°
arrondissement: Lyon
departement: Rhône (69)
profession: Lieutenant-colonel en retraite
grade: Ss-lieutenant
regiment: 6° Leger, 2° Léger
periode: 10/7/1803-10/2/1807-1/8/1815
campagnes: 1803-1804 Armée des Côtes, 1805-1815 diverses armées
divers: Habite 19 rue de la Charité

I would also like to include personal war stories from living Sinclairs to
add in the book, or historical war documents. If anyone would like to
contribute war related tit bits, even photo's please email me.With a little
extra help from others I think the finished product will be fantastic.


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