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Re: Back to the Templars!

Dear John,

Well, it is not me who is going to 'fess up, but
someone else. When searching on
skullandcrossbones.org, I didn't find the name you
found (Abaris). But there is a link on the page to
www.abaris.net Well, when checking this site, you will
find an e-mail address: dexter@abaris.net

Well, why do I think this is the maker of the
skullandcrossbones.org site? Well, beside the name you
found there is also something else. Both sides have
been built by a computerprogrammer. The most
interesting is that both sides don't allow viewing the
sources, and when right-clicking on the background,
the site will refresh. This is another strong
indication that the site has been made by the same

All the best,




--- "John S. Quarterman" <jsq@quarterman.com> wrote:
> Rory,
> >Just had a look at the "unattributed" portions of
> the Web-Site suggested by
> >Jerry Gibbons.
> > I guess it is a compliment that someone likes your
> material so much that
> >he/she enjoys the thought of further boradcasting
> it and indeed, for folks
> >like us who are interested in the story, it is a
> compliment that our take on
> >it is being put out there by others.
> And that is pretty much how I view it.
> >But I have to say that it would have been even more
> of a compliment had the
> >owners of  "jolly roger...etc" respected the author
> as much as the material
> >itself and had asked first .
> >
> >Ah, John, is there no bottom?
> Well, in this case, quite possibly it was just
> haste.  You'll notice that
> on the same page they do attribute Richard Huseth,
> probably because his 
> address was visible on the original web page. 
> Although one would have
> thought that dropping a note to those who produced
> the original material
> would have been fairly easy.  There are plenty of
> other examples in their
> pages of text and graphics lifted from web pages
> with and without attribution,
> including I think some from Laurel's pages.
> Yet on their front page they do cite *paper*
> publications.
> Interesting double standard.
> I think it's a fascinating how on the one hand the
> web and mail have
> made it possible for everyone to publish
> information, yet on the other
> hand some of the more basic rules of scholarship
> have not gotten
> propagated along with that new ability; the more
> obvious ones being
> attribution of sources and marking quotations.
> These things used to be instilled by professors and
> publishers.
> How can they be taught in a publishing culture that
> does not have
> those watchdogs?  That's the even more fascinating
> question.
> Perhaps by reviewers; for example whoever put
> together those
> web pages did put on some of them a request for
> feedback.
>  Paraphrasing the crusade historian William of Tyre,
> "Accepting that
>  'mistakes tend to creep into lengthy
> communications' [Prov 10:19],
>  we invite our reader to correct errors in the
> spirit of kindness."
>  - CC LXIII, p 101.
> But to whom?  There's no link or address.
> Even the above quotation seems to have been lifted
> from elsewhere, namely
> The domain registration record for
> skullandcrossbones.com
> doesn't have a contact electronic mail address,
> either:
> Registrant:
>    711 S. Carson St.
>    CARSON CITY, NV 89701
>    US
>    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact,
> Billing Contact:
>       ABARIS TRADING  (AT1041-ORG) 
> no.valid.email@worldnic.net
>       711 S. Carson St.
>       CARSON CITY, NV 89701
>       US
>       415 388 5885 fax: 123 123 1234
> Plus, if you look on their links page, they include
> this quotation:
>  "It is the common fate of the indolent to see their
>  rights become a prey to the active. The condition
> upon
>  which God hath given liberty to man is eternal
> vigilance;
>  which condition if he break, servitude is at once
> the
>  consequence of his crime and the punishment of his
> guilt."
>  -- John Philpot Curran: Speech upon the Right of
> Election, 1790. 
> While eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,
> nonetheless
> in the context of a set of Jolly Roger web pages
> this seems
> very like a warning that they are web pages composed
> of pirated
> material.  And the very last link is to a page
> saying how to form
> a Nevada corporation, which seems rather like
> advertising that the
> whole thing has been deliberately set up as an
> anonymous blind.
> Somebody has gone to quite some trouble to construct
> those web
> pages from numerous sources and to weave them into a
> more or
> less coherent whole while hiding who did it and how
> to reach them.
> I wouldn't be surprised if whoever it is is reading
> this list.
> Anybody want to 'fess up?

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