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Re: Back to the Templars!

--- "Jean de St. Sigeron" <oraclum@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Dear John,
> Well, it is not me who is going to 'fess up, but
> someone else. When searching on
> skullandcrossbones.org, I didn't find the name you
> found (Abaris). But there is a link on the page to
> www.abaris.net Well, when checking this site, you
> will
> find an e-mail address: dexter@abaris.net
> Well, why do I think this is the maker of the
> skullandcrossbones.org site? Well, beside the name
> you
> found there is also something else. Both sides have
> been built by a computerprogrammer. The most
> interesting is that both sides don't allow viewing
> the
> sources, and when right-clicking on the background,
> the site will refresh. This is another strong
> indication that the site has been made by the same
> person.
> All the best,
> J.S.

If this Abaris is the maker, (about 90% sure), for the
more interested people, here is his information I

Name: Dexter Wright
State: California
Profession?: Mason Warshipful master

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