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Re: St Andrew's cross & skull/bones


I would very much like to know more about skulls & crossed bones: is this
really Templar in origins? The skullandcrossbones.com website mentions the
Jolly Roger's Templar cross and pirates's use of such a skull symbol, but
gives no historical references. I would like to have some reliable
historical references because these skulls with crossed bones are found also
in Belgium, true merovingian country.

I am also interested in Saint Andrew's engrailed cross. I have read about it
on the Sinclair website but the story about a «vision» during battle sounds
more like a legend than an fact.  Again, this engrailed cross can be found
in Belgium's Flanders in a small and very old village on several tumsbtones,
many with a skull & crossed bones.

Could this engrailed cross and/or skull & crossbones have been brought to
Scotland by Knights Tmemplar in the early 1300's? Can anyone give me some
references where to look?


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