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RE: list move and archive messages

Gary, Steve, John, and all:

Two points ..... 
1) comment regarding Yahoo and Topica lists, and most importantly 
2) possible archived message issues on Yahoo type lists ... read on.

1)  Gary, regarding the comment in your message below regarding Yahoo and
Topica.... there have also been many to move from Yahoo Groups to Topica for
various reasons and remain at Topica.  (I think that similar problems exist
with Ford and Chevrolet.)  I've had absolutely no problems with SPAM or
other problems while administering 160+ subscribers on a Topica list.  Also,
there are no advertisements on the messages, except a one liner (no
graphics).  I also assist a friend who manages a Sailing list on Topica.  No
problems.  I have not managed a list on Yahoo, so I can't comment on
actually running a Yahoo list.  I did research the two options and Topica
works well for me.  Of course, one could set up a list on either and have
SPAM problems ..... setting the list up properly, I believe, is the key.

I'm not advocating Yahoo, Topica, or any other method, for the Sinclair
Discussions, however I wanted to point out that my experience with
Topica.com has been excellent and it is a quality service for purposes such
as discussion lists.  

2)  Regarding the archived messages from the group, I've never visited John
Q's archives and don't know the search capabilities, etc.  Although messages
are archived on the Topica lists that I referred to earlier, I don't think
that they can be "moved" if that were needed at some point.  I think that
they might just be lost.  I'm not sure about Yahoo.  Gary, can archived
messages be "moved" to another server or service from Yahoo if you wanted to
move the list at some point in the future?  John Q's list has had a wealth
of information "e-mailed" during the past 5 years.  We don't want to lose
these gems, nor do we want to possibly lose the bounty that is yet to come.
Let's consider a method that can handle this information and can be "moved"
if needed in the future (as others may elect to pass the torch!).  Perhaps
Steve's method could provide that for the Discussion list.  Again, I'm not
sure about moving old e-mail messages, etc. from Yahoo to another list.

I'm glad that Gary and Steve have stepped up to the plate.  I'm sure that
we'll end up at the right place.  

Steve, per your earlier e-mail to this Group, I'd be happy to help you
"field test" a list/website.

Mel of South Carolina

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The experiences I have had with Yahoo Groups have been 
positive.  A list I belonged to moved from Yahoo to Topica and 

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