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Re: list move


I have no objections to your ideas of hosting the list and I actually
encourage it if that is what you wish to do.

You need to be willing to address the problems associated with administering
a list in order to make this work.  I am not talking about technical
problems either although I am sure they will pop up.

Having assisted on this list for several years and participating in several
others I realize what an undertaking list hosting and administering a list

You wrote>>Every time I've moved a site to a new environment
I've encountered technical difficulties. So I'd ask
that 4 or 5 volunteers help me field test the site
once it's moved.<<

I suggested Yahoogroups as the forum because they are staffed and prepared
for system breakdowns and other associated problems that I am not educated
for nor am I equipped for.  I am not a computer person.

The experiences I have had with Yahoo Groups have been positive.  A list I
belonged to moved from Yahoo to Topica and back to Yahoo after SPAM
problems.  In July 1999 I set up the Sinclair Genealogy list on Yahoo and
have had no problems with that either.

Please decide what you wish to do and if that is a proper direction, so be
it.  I am willing to shut down the Yahoo list to assist the endeavor if that
is what we need to do.

At this point, 1/3 of the members are subscribed at the new location.  This
in itself seems to make a statement.  Please be cautious about making people
move again to an untested forum.

Another thought would be for you to host and maintain the web pages.  You
could also maintain an archives for the current list and the Yahoo groups
list by subscribing your archives to the yahoo groups list as John had done
with Paul Sinclair's web site.  Just a thought but maybe something to


Gary M Sinclair

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