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list move

Dear All,

Given what John has said about the tech
requirements of the list, and given the
involvement I've see him have on it about
every day, I think I can handle the list in
my current server environment.

I propose to move the site to my server
over the next few weeks, give it a unique
url, and maintain the rules as John and
others have set them up.

In other words, nothing would change with
the exception of the url. The site would still
be there, the list function would still be there.
And, in fact, I don't have time to change even
the design of the site, which I would not propose

I'm able to program enough to move content
from the list to the site when deemed appropriate,
update other content to keep the site fresh,
and in general, make sure the site runs as it
currently runs.

Every time I've moved a site to a new environment
I've encountered technical difficulties. So I'd ask
that 4 or 5 volunteers help me field test the site
once it's moved.

John, we could move the site over the next
2 - 3 weeks, trouble-shoot it over the following
week or two, then announce the new URL, perhaps
even leaving up a "throw page" on your current url
until the search engines and other links out there
(and there are many) get updated.

This is, of course, if the current members support
such a solution.

Let me know if you're all okay with the site staying
completely as is, the way it works, the way it looks,
and let me know soon so we can begin to make the

I'd also ask Gary to help monitor the list and
keep the pages of the site updated, if you're
willing Gary.

I think we're all agreed that the list and,
more importantly this group
of people, should stay together. So let's not look at
it as though it's over. Let's simply find the next
solution to keep it together.


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