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Re: list move

this sounds like a better idea than the Yahoo move. 
I, for one, willna follow the list to Yahoo.  The
manner in which groups function there is a majour pain
in the arse.  If the move is made such that nothing
really changes, then I am more than pleased to
continue with my  limited input.
Yours Aye,

--- "Steve St. Clair" <steve@planetcentral.com> wrote:
> Dear All,
> Given what John has said about the tech
> requirements of the list, and given the
> involvement I've see him have on it about
> every day, I think I can handle the list in
> my current server environment.
> I propose to move the site to my server
> over the next few weeks, give it a unique
> url, and maintain the rules as John and
> others have set them up.

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