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Re: list move

Dear Steve and Gary:
Here are a few observations:
1: Steve, the horse is well out of the barn  -  I think it would be an error
to jump from Gary's horse which is breaking into a canter on to yours which
is, as of this writing, hypothetically still in the barn.
You bring up some issues with respect to Topica and Yahoo which Gary has
answered  more or less satisfactorily  -- unless you have some idea of
looming disaster with Yahoo, and esp. as Gary has run a Yahoo list for 3
years without mishap, I am inclined given the first paragraph to stick with
Gary's solution for the moment at least as far as the list goes.
But that is my opinion and that and 5 cents would have bought you a coffee
in 1936.

2: The pages and the list were always separate in John's mind and just
because he was inspired to work like a dog on both for 5 years, is no reason
to keep them together.  The pages are still to be taken up and would you
consider doing them?   If not, I am still talking to our Web Master at Clan
Sinclair Canada as a possible site to park them.


Rory in Toronto.

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> Steve,
> I have no objections to your ideas of hosting the list and I actually
> encourage it if that is what you wish to do.

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