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Re: list move and archive messages


Good points.  As far as Topica vs. Yahoo, I agree it is a Ford Chevrolet
debate that does not need to happen.

As far as transferring archived messages from Yahoo to somewhere else, as
far as I can see,  it would involve a lengthy process of forwarding each
message. That would be a real PITA.

All that said, it makes no real difference to me what is decided.  Obviously
someone else administering and hosting a list means more free time for me.

As far as discussing the merits of a yahoo list versus any other list, I
have taken the steps I am willing to take and if the list members feel
another location is better, I am supportive of the decision.

Again, I decided to assist in this matter due to my history on the list and
for no other reason.  Maybe I jumped too soon.

Please, decide what you all are wanting before I waste time and energy on
something that is to be scrapped.


Gary M Sinclair

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