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Re: A Brilliant Idea

>>I have issued invitations to the current 289 list members to join a
Sinclair Discussion list at a new location.<<

Sorry, that was about 100 too many.  Finger slipped.

If I missed anyone on the list with an invitation, please e mail me and I
will correct the situation.

I see at least 2 members on this list willing to host or help with a list.
Hopefully we can all work at this together to keep the standards we have
been used to.

One thing that Yahoogroups can offer us among others, is a file section
where things like the Cross Stitch pattern can be uploaded for all to share
rather than trying to e mail it around the world.  Photos can be shared and
a searchable archives is also in place.

The Genealogy list has been in place now for several years and is a topic
specific list.  It has held up well for those that use it.

The support of all members here is greatly appreciated.


Gary M

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