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A Brilliant Idea

Dear Members of this List:

The idea I am about to share  has evolved from a number of places:  some
from live people,  some from what I believe some of us would want  and some
simply from the ether.

I am prepared to suggest that if we ask Gary M. Sinclair, an experienced man
in the workings of this list,  he might be prepared to take it on with some
assistance from others of us as we can.

So here is the first Salvo:

Dear Gary M. Sinclair:
I would be,  and I suggest that many others would be as well, forever in
your debt if you would consider taking leadership of this fine Sinclair
Discussion list.
You have shown your interest and dedication by sticking with us this long.
Most important, you have hands-on experience

Please consider this as a request from several others on the list and know
that we would all support you should you decide to do it.

Please let us know your thoughts.

Rory Sinclair in Toronto.

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