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Archives Copywrites

Margaret Stokes as CSA Genealogist wrote "The main question for the moment
is, what is going to happen to the list
archives?  They are a wealth of information on their own.  How are people
going to be able to access these? Is there a way to make them available once
the list itself is gone?"

The message copywrites in the archives belong to the people who contributed
them.  Those people would have to give permission for their individual
messages and stories to be reposted elsewhere, I think. Some of the writers
are dead or no longer on the list the Herculean task of maintaining this
list and it's Archives has been all John. People contributed solely on John
Quarterman's sterling prudence and guidance.

Hopefully Glen Cook or Neil in Toronto or some other legal beagle can
clarify this point before anyone rushes into what
might prove an embarrassment..


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