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Re: change of year, change of list

Over the last several weeks I have given much thought to what will happen if
John does not host the list any more.

First and foremost, John has my total support in this decision.  Having
played a minor role as a "helper bee" on this list, I have a small bit of
insight into what it takes to keep it going.  As a list owner of the
Sinclair-roots@yahoogroups.com , I have also had a taste of the workings of
an e mail list.

With this in mind, I have taken a leap and I have set up the
Sinclair-Discussion List at the Yahoogroups web site. The URL for the list
is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Sinclair-Discussion/

If the members of this list wish me to continue, I can send e mail
invitations to all members of this list.  You reply and you are on the list.
Easy for us all.  I have a complete list of the members here.

When you receive your membership notification, you will get an auto response
with the rules as we have stated here in the past and that are sent several
times a year to the list.  The list will be very similar.

I will need opinions from here to see if you all wish me to continue or if
you wish to try something else.  If you would rather I do not pursue this
any farther, please advise me and I will stop.

It is up to the majority.


Gary M Sinclair
Harwich, MA USA

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