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A final Sinclair Date

Marcus Tullius Cicero born 3 January 104 BC. at Arpinum, in what is present
day Italy. Cicero had political aspirations and became a lawyer. He was
elected to all of the major Roman offices of the day (quaestor, aedile,
praetor, and consul in turn), each on his first try, and each office were
held at the youngest eligible age. He overstepped himself and was banished
by one of Julius Caesar's cronies in 58 BC. Cicero was barred from political
office on his return. After Julius Caesar was murdered in 44 BC Cicero
momentarily returned to a position of influence. Cicero was himself murdered
on Mark Antony's orders in 43 BC. Cicero's first love was politics. He wrote
philosophy when he couldn't participate in the political arena. There have
been suggestions by among others Howard Zinn, winner of the Upton Sinclair
prise, in 'A People's History of the United States: 1492-Present'  that the
United States of America  is concluding its Republican period and starting
to perform like an Empire. True or not Cicero's commentary during the same
developments in Rome sounds dreadfully fitting now.

Here in the dying embers of a once proud idea exchange forum are a few
Cicero quotes;

"I remind you, sir, that extreme patriotism in the defence of liberty is no
vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice no virtue."

"The more laws the less justice"

"If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter"

My dear JSQ we press the memory of your creation, this list, like a faded
favourite rose between the pages of our memories.Thank you for the shining
moments.  To my fellow list members I bid you all a fond adieu.

Vaya Con Dios


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