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RE: Change of year, change of list

I too am saddened at John's decision, however I have "owned" a list for only
about a year and it takes an "untold" amount of time behind the scenes to
keep things going.  John has done an outstanding job.  Thanks, John, for
your tremendous efforts and unselfishly giving your time for all of us on
the list.  It has been a real treat to exchange ideas on-list or off-list
with "cousins" around the world.  It has also been a real treat to see many
of our cousins at Highland Games, etc.  I don't know if this would have been
possible without all of the work that you have done, paving the way for all
of us with this relatively young medium of communication.  I hope that we
can find a way to stay in touch with you, John, and all of those on the

Regarding other possibilities with the list, Topica.com, is an "opt-in" list
service that, depending on how you set it up, has little or no
advertisements.  It is easy to set up.  The two sections below are the only
bits of info that are published on each e-mail on my Masonic list that is
not the actual e-mail message of the list member.  The first paragraph below
was created by me as a footer to each e-mail and the second paragraph below
is produced by Topica.com on each e-mail.  That's it.  No advertisements.

1. (added as a footer by Mel)
This e-mail list is for South Carolina Master Masons and other South
Carolina Masonic bodies.  To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to:
SCMasons-subscribe@topica.com    If you have any questions about this group,
please contact Mel Sinclair, List Owner, at: 

2. (added by Topica.com)
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Or send an email to: scmasons-unsubscribe@topica.com

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==============================================================The web address for Topica is: http://www.topica.com  It is "free" and with
that comes very little service and like other "free" lists, a lack of
flexibility.  However, it can be an open list or moderated list, approval
can be required for joining the list, option for text only (vs. HTML),
option for no attachments (good feature due to viruses, etc.), etc.
Individual list members can also be put on moderation, while others are free
to post to the list without "approval".  This feature comes in handy at
times! <g>  As I have said I have a list of about 160 subscribers and it has
worked pretty well administratively.

Again, thank you John for all of the work that you've done in getting this
list together as well as the many, many hours that you have put into the web
page re: the Sinclairs.

Best regards and a most happy and prosperous new year to you all!

Mel of South Carolina

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Another alternative is to move it to Yahoo Groups or some such place, where
genealogy list is. However, that has the distinct disadvantage that one has
sit through pages of advertising to view each message.

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