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Re: Ivan of Trafalgar again with an added note

Dear Mike:
If it is whom I think you mean, he is St. Clair Bonde (pron. as you had it
He is a descendant of the William the  Waster, son of William St. Clair 3rd
and last Sinclair  Earl of Orkney and of Rosslyn.
It is complicated but St. Clair's ancestor, the Master of St.Clair was as
they say so quaintly in Scotland, 'out' in the '15 which means he fought for
James the Old Pretender father of Bonnie Prince Charlie.
For his efforts, the estate was attainted and unlike so many others the
title was never restored and the ancestors of the present Lord Sinclair
inherited at this time.
The Estate is called Charlton and is in Fife not far from St. Andrews and is
full of his family's memorabilia. eg. secret tokens for Jacobite meetings
during the 1715 rebellion.
St. Clair Bonde is descended through his grandmother, I believe, who married
into the Swedish nobility.

Rory in Toronto

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> I've traced my ancestry to the area around Loch Tay.  Can someone tell me
> briefly how the Sinclairs there relate to those at Caithness and also
> Roslyn?
> Also, last time we were in Scotland, we visited a Sinclair Manor; believe

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