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Sinclair family in New Zealand

I am trying to trace the descendants of James Leask Sinclair (my first
cousin 2 times removed) and his wife Mary (Mowat) who immigrated to New
Zealand on the “King of Italy” arriving in Auckland in September 1865.
They arrived with 3 children, Elizabeth Sinclair b.1859;  Jane Flett
Sinclair b.1861;  Roland William Sinclair b.1862.  A 4th child William
died on board ship.  They lived in Auckland for a while and then moved
to Taita before returning to Auckland.   Between 1866-1880 the following
children were born  John Wm Colenzo 1866 (d.1865);  Mary Muir 1868;
James Leask 1870(d. 1 day old); John James 1872 (d.1873);  Wm Henry 1873
(d. 1874);  Ellen Evangeline 1875;  Clare 1878 (still born);  and Oliver
1880.  In 1898 Roland William Sinclair changed his name to Saint-Clair
and published the book "Saint-Clairs of the Isles". Can anyone help with
information about the descendants of this family group of Sinclairs?

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