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Re: Ivan of Trafalgar again with an added note

Rory--Thanks.  We took a tour of Scotland, with everybody on the bus named
either Sinclair or Keith.  I'm not a big fan of tours, but this was very
nice.  Even the weather cooperated.  As we all know, the weather in Scotland
is always bright and sunny, like it is here in Seattle.  I'm not sure of the
spelling of his last name.  I do remember distinctly that either his first
or middle name was Sinclair, not St. Clair, but this may have also been for
us "Sinclairs".  His wife was Swedish.  Yes, I believe the manor was in
Fife, not far from St. Andrews, as you say.  Hard to find.  Down a long
lane; difficult for the coach driver (I used to drive a bus myself, so
appreciate this).  One of the interesting things about the manor was that
one of the former owners had a portrait made of himself, and liked it so
much he had the artist do all the previous owners.  However, since they were
long gone, they all looked just like him.  Imagine that!  Only difference
was in the clothing, which wasn't all that different.

Again, I'm not much for tours, but this was well done.  We went from Glasgow
up through Fife and Inverness, Skye, and back.  Took the boat down Loch
Ness.  I have a picture of Nellie, although she is about a half mile in the

Thanks again.

Mike Sinclair
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> Dear Mike:
> If it is whom I think you mean, he is St. Clair Bonde (pron. as you had it
> Bundee)
> He is a descendant of the William the  Waster, son of William St. Clair

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