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Re: Re:Argyll Sinclairs (MacNokairds?)

No, our family doesn't appear to be connected to John's family.  There were
a LOT of Sinclairs on little Islay.  Believe it or not, I can trace 3 John
Sinclairs who left Islay, and emigrated to Ontario, Canada, in the year
1833!  They were not directly, if at all, related to one another.

I cannot find a marriage record for them in any of the parishes, but the
first baptism I have for their family is for
John, son to John Sinclair at Bridge of Johnston and Janet Sinclair, his
spouse, baptised June 19, 1812.  "She at present residing at Talant."
Not sure where Bridge of Johnston is, but Tallant is a farm in Bowmore


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> Yo yo cousin Toni!
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> > John Sinclair married Margaret Sinclair on the Isle of Islay.  She died

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