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Re: Re:Argyll Sinclairs (MacNokairds?)

Hello David,
No, I don't have it, but I can borrow it. I was already familiar with this
family.  I can rhyme off some names and places, but not the dates.
Actually, I can go back one more generation:

John Sinclair married Margaret Sinclair on the Isle of Islay.  She died
there after they had these 6 children-
Catherine, 1810, married Peter Fleming
John, 1814, m. Ann McLean
Alexander, 1816, m Sarah Gooddell
Margaret, 1819, m. Donald Buie
Donald, 1821, m. Catherine McLean (sister of Ann)
Angus, 1825, m.Catherine Muir

John Sinclair remarried to a Mary Shaw, who bore 1 daughter, Mary, before
they all emigrated to Canada in 1833.  Mary (mother) died enroute in Quebec,
and John carried on to settle in Peel County, Ontario.  His children seemed
to have moved on as new townships were opening up in Ontario, especially
around Stayner.

Do you relate to this family?

Toni S.
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> Toni,
> Where do you have this list. Is it accessible?
> Regards
> David Sinclair
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