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Sinclair Dates

   November 19

   1793:  British  reformers  meet,  A convention of Scottish and British
   reformers  meets in Edinburgh: one of the five delegates from England,
   Charles  Sinclair, later moved that the meeting be called "The British
   Convention  of  the  Delegates  of  the  People,  associated to obtain
   Universal   Suffrage   and  Annual  Parliaments."  Among  the  English
   reformers  were  Maurice  Margarot  and  Joseph  Gerrald of the London
   Corresponding  Society;  William Skirving headed up delegates from the
   Scottish societies.

   In  September  Robert  Burns,  had  written  "Scots  wha  hae?" a poem
   responding  to  outrageous severity of the sentence received by Scotch
   radicals Muir and Palmer. --[2]labehotiere@wanadoo.fr


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