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RE: Argyll Sinclairs (MacNokairds)

Dear Toni and all;

Greetings and salutations.

I want to underline and add to the importance of the discovery of Toni to
the mysteries of the Argyll Sinclair's. For those of you with this heritage,
in a nutshell before 1720-and 1745 or so throughout Argyle the Gaelic name
McNokaird was used under a number of spellings as the Gael surname for a
number of families. Those on this list with people authoritative in the use
of the Gaelic language, Nokaird, nocaird, caird and such words are of keen
interest especially with the use within the Gaeklic language as applied in
the 1700's. The mystery and indeed it is as of this date, is a name change
over geography, distance and time in Argyll where families changed their
name from McNocaird to Sinclair. The name McNocaird disappeared totally. The
name Sinclair was then used exclusively.

What Toni has discovered is a writer and publisher who used both names in
his publications, which is the first documentary evidence between this
change of name. I use the word change with caution however, as it could also
be an adaptive language change. Special accolades have to be shared with
Toni and Karen who have done so much analytical research on this topic.
Salutes to Toni, Karen, Juli and Rebecca all of whom advances so light onto
one of the true Sinclair mysteries.

Neil, Toronto/PEI/forever Argyll

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