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Sinclair Line discovered

Being a novice and in attempting to begin research on my branch of the Sinclair
family, I sent a letter to the John O Groat Journal. I knew only that my
Grandad came from Wick,  so I wondered  if I would get a response.

I was lucky, and received an e-mail from an unknown second cousin whose Grandad
and mine were brothers.

I now know I am a descendant of Alexander Sinclair (b1795 Dunnett, d 2.4.1879
Inkstack) and Elizabeth Wright (b1794 East Illey, d 2.4.1876 Inkstack)

I have so much more to learn, but am pleased at the result of my first
research, if you can call it that.

Guess that would make me a Caithness Sinclair.

Donald Sinclair
Alberta, Canada

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