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Re: Blood Type

The blood type can be passed from either the father or the mother, as can 
the RH factor. This is why you will find families with all the various 
blood groups present, and children with the opposing RH factor to their mother.

"Whatever our blood type (ie. A, B AB, O), we all have two Rhesus genes, 
called D or d, depending on whether we are Rhesus positive or negative and 
babies inherit one of these from each parent.
A person is Rh(D) negative if they have inherited a d gene from each parent 
A person is Rh(D) positive if they have inherited either of the following:
- a D gene from each parent (D/D)
- a D from one parent and a d from the other (D/d or d/D)
This is why it is possible to have a Rh(D) negative child if the mother is 
Rh(D) negative and the father Rh(D) positive. If the father has both a 
negative and a positive gene, the baby may inherit this negative gene and, 
as all Rh(D) negative women have two negative genes, the baby will 
definitely inherit a negative from her."
"The Rhesus Factor" - Angela Powell - 
Derived from Information provided by The University of North Carolina at 
Chapel Hill, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The above shows that the Rhesus factor can come from either parent, or a 
combination of both.  It is my understanding that the same is applicable to 
blood type.  Therefore it is of little relevance as to whether the Sinclair 
parent was the mother or the father with regard to blood type.

>It is my understanding that the male passes on the type, and negitive 
>factors are passed through the females. Anyone
>know about this?

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