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Re: Blood Type

CSA Genealogist.
Thank you for clarifying the heritability factor of the Rhesus type. It 
seems to me that we may be able to use the DNA test as well. Interesting 
anyway, just on blood type.


>The blood type can be passed from either the father or the mother, as can
>the RH factor. This is why you will find families with all the various
>blood groups present, and children with the opposing RH factor to their 
>"Whatever our blood type (ie. A, B AB, O), we all have two Rhesus genes,
>called D or d, depending on whether we are Rhesus positive or negative and
>babies inherit one of these from each parent.
>A person is Rh(D) negative if they have inherited a d gene from each parent
>A person is Rh(D) positive if they have inherited either of the following:
>- a D gene from each parent (D/D)

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