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Re: Blood Type

Several years ago when they decided to start reseach on the 11th chromosone, all of the kids and us had DNA  testing done and sent to a Dr penny. I may be able to contact her and see if she still has the results. .Peggy StClair
 "Stanley St. Clair" <srstclair@alltel.net> wrote:I have counted three of the respondants which stated that the St. Clair/
Sinclair line had O+, and one with O-. These may all be from a common
ancestry. I know that at least two are from a definate common St. Clair
ancestor many generations back. It is my understanding that the male passes
on the type, and negitive factors are passed through the females. Anyone
know about this?

I am interested in the DNA test mentioned by Glen, which has been brought up


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>Hello to all...
>Well I have O Pos...I am red headed...ruddy complexion.....
>My father was born 1915, the oldest of 9 children.....4 boys and 2

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