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DNA Cousin Ivan of Trafalgar

       Dear Cousins,

       The Boone Society has been conducting a DNA study for a couple of 
years.  It studies the DNA of Males with the Boone surname.  The chromosome 
that is studied is only passed through the male line, as I understand.

       They are hoping that it will connect the family to earlier families.

       One young man, who did not have the Boone surname, but believed from 
information that his biological father was a man named Boone.  They made an 
exception and had him tested.  He proved to be a Boone.  He changed his name 
to Boone and began his search for his father.  He had the first and last name 
of the man he had heard rumors about.

       The collection of DNA is a simple swab in the cheek.

       The Boone Society website has an article on this project.

       <A HREF="www.boonesociety.org">www.boonesociety.org</A>

       When you get the home page, just scroll down and the article is in the 
right hand column.

       Cousin Ivan of Trafalgar

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