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Re: M'Sieur LaFosse, Belgian


If you will read the first part of my posting, you will see something very
similar to your thoughts on Bonnie Prince Michael's claim to his assumed
throne. I noted that his alledged Stewart claim is through a marraige of
Prince Charles which has no note in history. In fact, it is recorded that he
was married to another at the time. I stated that I felt that he is taking
advantage of his backing and titles to sell books and may hope for a
different position at a later date in a possible united Europe. He is not a
madman, He is quite intellegent. He acts like American polititions under
European conditions.

Yours aye for a great future, and less confusion in Scotland.


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>The romantic part of the idea that there is a Stuart Prince.  Not
>anything any one of you said.  In Saturday's(?) Digest, since that is
>the way I receive the day's postings, there were two web sites - one of
>them shows up in a number of other discussion/news groups - somewhere in
>the address stream is the word "sean" and at the end "/LaFosse".  This

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