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Re: Mssr. LaFosse, redux

Dear Sinclair,

I am surprised that you received a response from HRH. As for the list
members not living in Scotland, as Sinclairs and members of a list such as
this, we have Scotish roots, and a concern for the betterment of the mother
country. As for a referendum I reinterate my doubt that any likelihood
exists that could bring about such a thing, much less make it of effect.

In regard to his statement about Bush, you may let him know that this list
is discussions of "Sinclair" topics. As SInclairs have long been among the
political and social influential in Scotland, this should ceratinly be
considered a Sinclair concern. Even HRH Michael says that the Sinclairs are
one of the "Three S families".


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>I received the following from 'Prince' Michael after I wrote him
>Re debate.  It has been a long time decision of my team (PR, PA etc) that I

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