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Re: Mssr. LaFosse, redux

I received the following from 'Prince' Michael after I wrote him

Re debate.  It has been a long time decision of my team (PR, PA etc) that I
should not enter into a debate with regards to my claim to the honours of
Scotland.  It really would achieve little since only a political decision
taken during a properly held referendum could only settle the decision to
keep (or not to keep) a constitutional monarchy when voting for full
independence.  Further, most of those people wanting to debate the matter do
not live in this country and thus have hardly a right to debate the
political and political issues regarding the constitutional representation
of Scotland within the world.  They would not have the right to vote during
a referendum in any case. With regards to the obvious Economic benefit of a
country gaining sovereignty under its own constitutional monarchy, perhaps
your Sinclair kin could be referred to Norway gaining its own sovereignty
back and new economic benefits from 1905 to the present day after 2
centuries of inter ests subordinated to those of Denmark...

My intention is to stand in the next  Euro Election and become an MEP and
represent Scotland in Europe.  The only thing that matters in Scotland is
that I should prove my worth for this country (politically and otherwise)
and the rest will follow.


in another message he said "Yes, by all means.  Do put my statement on.
Amazing that people have so much time to spare to discuss me when Bush is
about to send the whole of the Middle East up in flame.  Some people really
should have their priority right!"


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> >Re: legitimacy of claims:
> I wouldn't know about that part.
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