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M'Sieur LaFosse, Belgian2

The romantic part of the idea that there is a Stuart Prince.  Not
anything any one of you said.  In Saturday's(?) Digest, since that is
the way I receive the day's postings, there were two web sites - one of
them shows up in a number of other discussion/news groups - somewhere in
the address stream is the word "sean" and at the end "/LaFosse".  This
same web site shows up elsewhere, so I had ample time to reread it.  The
original post of the information appeared months ago, again, in a number
of places.  Michel LaFosse is a Belgian, son of a perfectly respectible
Belgian family. There is no tie between that family and any Stuart kin.
Also from what I am reading, for the most part, Scots do not want a
monarch and a goodly number do no not want separatism. They dream "what
if", laugh about it, but talk about the interrelationships between the
two countries. The romantics of a Stuart King has been engendered by
writings of Scottish writers and others, beginning in the Victorian era.
I grew up on the stories, songs and poems of the lost power, etc.
because of Culloden.  I imagine very few of us reading these lines did
not grow up on those writings. "We wuz robbed!"  But were we?  I am
writing from a 5 generation distance.  By the same token, "The South
Shall Rise Again!"  Nice piece of wishful thinking, again from a three
generation distance this time. The only place we can live is now.
Seventeen fortyfive and any thoughts of the times and the people was
then. Scotland is not like that now. M'Sieu LaFosse is a modern
opportunist. He makes his living as a speaker and showing himself to
advantage to either the gullible or the cynics who want to meet this man
who tells everyone he is a direct descendent of "The Bonny Prince", not
the man that Charles Edward Stuart became post Culloden, but the
embodied spirit of the last monarch of Scotland. That is the romatical
part. What became of the man - is in the writings of history. Not the
noble man, but a very real man.  Mine is not the intent to bash anyone.
If you think so, Mr. Quarterman can certainly let me know I am out of
line and I will make a full appology.
Sally Spangler esdemio@att.net

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