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Re: New York Library


I live near (~1 mile) Albany  and have spent time in the NYS Archives as
well.  I copied the Daub genealogy some years ago.  It chronicles several
"Irish" genealogies, focusing on the Sinclaires, but does not make a clear
connection between them and either the Roslin or Caithness branches.  Iąd be
happy to look up anything for anyone!

So far, I've uncovered five or six separate Sinclair lines in Ireland, but
have been unable to connect them to each other, or to my line.

Joe Erkes

> Albany had the following microform, but did not look at it:
> A History and lineage of descendents of a Scottish family by the name of
> Sinclair, who migrated from Scotland to Ireland in the Seventeenth century:
> settled in Newtownards, Co. Down and Belfast....
> By Mrs. St. Claire Lappe Daub

> Rexdale, Ontario