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New York Library

I was researching (Sinclair & other family names) in the New York Library & Archives in Albany, plus the Montergomery Archives, this week & found the following info:

United Presbyterian Church, Broadabin, Fulton County, NY
Infoon Duncan Sinclair & Christy McNaughton; William Walker & Jannet Sinclair; Daniel Sinclair & Jennet McKircher; James McLaren & Christian Sinclair; and other Sinclair

Albany had the following microform, but did not look at it:
A History and lineage of descendents of a Scottish family by the name of Sinclair, who migrated from Scotland to Ireland in the Seventh century: they settled in Newtownards, Co. Down and Belfast....
By Mrs. St. Claire Lappe Daub

Hudson and Mowawk Valleys Biography Book had info on John Sinclair & Ann Jane Buchanan descendants of Chatham, New York 

Abstract of Wills 1665-1707 & 1730-1744 (New York Historical Society Collection) on Robert (1704) & Mary (1721) Sinclair of New York City

Sir William Johnson Papers(head of the Indian Affairs in New York before the American Revolution) (which I only copy the index for Sinclair, hoping my main library in Toronto would have it) had the following Sinclair (these books was at the Montgomery County Archives):
SINCLAIR, capt. (of the Amelia): 5:599, 603, 706
SINCLAIR, lieut: 8:244
SINCLAIR, Charles, lieut: 3:991
SINCLAIR, James, capt: 4:849
SINCLAIR (ST. CLAIR), Patt, lieut., capt.:
        Chippewa request for return to Detroit (1769): 6:717-19, 721-22, 776-77, 7:148, 12:723, 726
        Great Lakes direction and: 7:539, 913
        at Niagara (1764): 11:124
        robbed near Lake Erie: 6:538
        servant's murder (1767): 5:590, 600-601, 659, 698, 825, 6:524, 540, 565, 12:335-36, 366, 373, 663, 682, 13:428
                murderers released: 12:364, 13:435, 441-42, 443
ST. CLAIR, capt.: in Westmoreland County: 8:1064
ST. CLAIR, James: 1:52
        1:672n, 712, 752, 12:140, 6:416, 419
        at Albany Council of War (1756): 9:483, 487
        billeting of troops and: 2:498
        at Fort Duquesne: 1:763, 766
        Oswego relief (1756) and,: 9: 401-402 
        press warrant: 2:529n
        return to England: 4:373
        wagon impressment: 2:502, 530, 3:3, 5

Genealogical Data from Colonial New York Newspapers, Compiled by Kenneth Scott, 1982:
Page 137 - Genealogical Data from the New York Gazette & the Weekley Mercury, 1769
TEMPLER, Capt. fo the 26th Regt-Married March 14 in Elizabeth Town, New Jersey, to Lady Sinclair, widow of Sir John Sinclair (3/20)
NOTE: also had other Sinclairs' in this book

Rexdale, Ontario