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Re: M'Sieur LaFosse, Belgian!

The problems to HRH Michael's claim to the Scottish throne are multiple. Not
only does he claim to descend from Bonnie Prince Charlie through a concealed
marriage which may necer have existed, but is there really a chance that the
British Royal Family is really going to turn Scotland over to anyone?
Certainly, Michael of Albany, the self-styled "Head of the House of
Stewart", has some impressive supporters, but even if he were descended from
the lines which he claims, the move is toward a uniting of Eupope, not a
breakaway of Scotland from the UK. Like some presidential pretenders in the
US, he may be using his book and his titles in an effort to gain popularity
and some tad of credibility in the ECM, so that he will later have some
other office than King of Scotland.

Then, when it comes to uniting Europe, even Michael himself admits that
there are 33 royal houses in Europe, "Mostly Grail families". Others in
these lines have much more likely claim to real leadership.

Perhaps a Hapsburg or Juan Carlos. I do not claim to have a crystal ball,
only common sense. Perhaps a little Celtic wisdom would be helpful.


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>I guess I was not trying to be romantic.  (Why do we need to bash on each
>other on this list?)
>Obviously Michael takes himself seriously and is pushing his claim, so he
>thereby forces one to take a position even if one thinks of it as romantic.

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