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Re: Masons, Muslims, Templars, Jews, Henry and Dolly.

Keep up the posts, Glen. It is always good to see your name on the list.
Good summation of this particular comment by Sinclair.

However, after having read this story twice previously, I can agree with our
friend at la Behotiere. It would be great to know what priority the truth
has in this story. And what happened to the cash found in A. R. Sinclair's
case? His family has to send  3,000 pounds to fly his body home. Apparently
it was retained as evidence or used for a great policeman's ball in Israel.

Will the real evidence please stand up?


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>labehotiere@wanadoo.fr writes:
>> I have never been autopsied
>For which, my dear friend, I am most glad.  OTH, there are a number of

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