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Re: Masons, Muslims, Templars, Jews, Henry and Dolly.

srstclair@alltel.net writes:

> And what happened to the cash found in A. R. Sinclair's case? His family has 
> to send  3,000 pounds to fly his body home. Apparently it was retained as 
> evidence or used for a great policeman's ball in Israel.

Without commenting on this case directly, as I don't wish it to be played 
back to me in a nasty gram from a superior, obviously those are very fair 
questions which a national's consulate could address (which did not seem to 
be much mentioned).  My problem was the hyperbole and sensationalism.  

I do note that there are costs to bring a decedent back from another country. 
 I don't have a feel for how much in this case, but they would could well 
include embalming, coffin, perhaps coffin container, transport, and special 
handling.  They didn't say who the airline was.  

Glen Cook
Whose comments, as always, are his alone and do not represent those of any 
governmental agency.