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Origin of Irish Sinclairs: Sinclair -> Nokaird?????


Some time back, there were a series of posts on the topic of the migration
of the surname ³Nokiard²(sp?) to Sinclair in 18th century Argyll.   Although
I keep all my Sinclair posts, I canıt seem to find those.

Since I am descended from County Antrim (Bushmills) ³Irish² Sinclairs, (whom
popular wisdom alleges to have come from Argyll), the topic is of interest
to me.

I wonder how sweepingly true this explanation is.  There appear to be at
least two notable exceptions:

1. The  Sinclairs of Holyhill were ³real² Sinclairs, descended from Reverend
Sinclair of the ³siege of Londonderry² fame.

2. Sinclair has pointed out that there are Sinclairs in Ireland who
emigrated from France.

Any thoughts? Comments?

Joe Erkes