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Fwd: Change of subject

Steve, Your Meador StClair is the father of my ggrandfather, John Henry StClair,father of my grandfather Charles Pendleton StClair. The James Meador that we have lost is the eldest son of John Henry and Ada Phillips StClair. As usual I must plead temporary insanity on the dates as all the paperwork is buried somewhere around here but I know not where! I know that he was born in the 1880's and left Virginia in his late teens or early twenties. Ada heard from him by postcard for some years but he doesn't seem to have stayed in one place very long. The last card that she received was from Coalinga,Ca. the trail seems to end there but of course anything is possible. From what I understand one of the reasons he left was the infamous StClair temper of John Henry. You have loads of relations from the John Henry line and most of them are relatively sane and presentable on their good days. Take care and keep in touch, Charlotte Gellis